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  • Katel LeDû (right) and Sara Wachter-Boettcher (center) interview Yesenia Perez-Cruz (left) onstage in Vancouver, BC

    Bonus: NYG Live from Vancouver, BC!

    Yep, we’ve gone international! Our very first live show was a variety hour featuring Katel & Sara at Vancouver’s Design & Content Conference. So listen up if you want to hear about peeing in a jumpsuit, emailing with Christina Aguilera’s mom, editing footage of crop dusting in Saskatchewan, and rocking a sweet feminist boob necklace. (Uh, you definitely do.)

  • Photo of Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Jenn Lukas, and Katel LeDu on a rooftop

    Welcome to Season 3: Finding a Reason to Say “F*** Yeah!”

    Welcome to Season 3 of No, You Go—a weekly show about ambition, friendship, feminism…and always finding something to say fuck yeah about. Starting August 14, we'll be back and better than ever, talking to some of our favorite activists, authors, entrepreneurs, and more about how they got where they are, what they learned in the process, and how they keep their heads up in tough times.

  • The System is Rigged with Nicole Sanchez

    And that’s a wrap on Season 2! What better way to head into a summer break than with Nicole Sanchez, founder of Vaya Consulting and one of the smartest, sharpest, most trusted voices on building diverse and inclusive workplaces? We talk about what has and hasn’t changed in tech culture, how companies try to shortcut diversity efforts, and why well-intentioned white people often screw up.

  • Too PG for Jeopardy with Lilly Chin

    When Lilly Chin knew she couldn’t lose during Final Jeopardy, she decided to give a joke answer: “Who is the Spiciest Memelord?” But that joke became a meme itself. We chat with the MIT grad student about what it was like to be on the show, how the internet treats women in the public eye, and how her brush with fame changed the way she looks at online visibility.

  • Skip the Stepping Stones with Saron Yitbarek

    Starting something new can feel super overwhelming...and kind of terrifying. The good news? A lot of us feel this way. On this week’s show, we talk with Saron Yitbarek about how she started, grew, and nurtures CodeNewbie—the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. It all started with one little (but powerful) sentiment: be nice.

  • Quiet Leadership with Rachel Robertson

    Introvert, extrovert, ambivert: how real are these labels? And how can we use them to do a better job of making space for more types of people—without pigeonholing anyone? We’re joined this week by Rachel Robertson, a designer and UX lead at Shopify, to talk about approaches to collaborating and leading teams as an introvert.

  • Know Your Numbers with Shannah Compton Game

    Savings, budgets, retirement. Oh my. No matter how on top of our lives we feel, talking about money still makes us squirm. In today's show, we face our fears with the help of Shannah Compton Game, a Certified Financial Planner and the host of the Millennial Money podcast.

  • Headshot of Dr. Allison Chabot

    We Think We Know What We Need with Dr. Allison Chabot

    Today’s topic is…therapy! If that makes you a little bit nervous, you’re not alone: lots of us feel a bit scared to talk about our mental health—much less make an appointment to get help. To help us, we called up none other than Katel’s own therapist, Dr. Allison Chabot. She’s a clinical psychologist working in Philadelphia, and talking with her gave us all the best feels.

  • Headshot of Sarah Drasner

    Supporting Others with Sarah Drasner

    This week: are we getting old? Do we care? We talk about the pros and cons of showing your age at work, discuss anxieties and double-standards around how we look and what we wear, and worry about Katel losing a nipple in a tragic shaving accident. Then, we get down to the business of being a badass woman in a senior tech role with Sarah Drasner, an engineer, author, award-winning speaker, and renowned expert on web animation.

  • Adda Birnir sitting on a stoop in Brookyln

    Doing it Right with Adda Birnir

    In S2E3, we fall hard for Adda Birnir, founder and CEO of Skillcrush—the online coding school with a heart. She joins the show to tell us all about starting her business, navigating tough times, and finding success on her own terms.

  • Headshot of Carmen Maria Machado in black and white

    I Gotta Make Art with Carmen Maria Machado

    It’s not every day we chat with someone the New York Times has listed as part of “the new vanguard” in fiction. But today’s our day: Carmen Maria Machado is live on NYG! We sit down with the badass author, National Book Award finalist, and fellow Philly resident for a conversation about writing, working retail, believing in your own work, craving the company of other women, and so much more.

  • Defining Ambition with Neha Gandhi

    Welcome back! We’re pumped to have you here for Season 2. Here to kick us off is Neha Gandhi, the COO and editor-in-chief of Girlboss, a new publication “for women redefining success on their own terms.” Sounds about right to us.

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