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  • Photo of Jennifer Armbrust by Aubree Bernier-Clarke

    Feminist Business School with Jennifer Armbrust

    Can business be a site for radical creativity and social change? Join us as we go back to school with feminist business consultant Jennifer Armbrust.

  • Funding Abortion with Seneca Joyner

    Abortion rights are under attack across the country—from “heartbeat bills” aimed at destroying Roe v. Wade to “crisis pregnancy centers” that lie to pregnant people. But Seneca Joyner knows we can fight back—by organizing and paying for abortions.

  • The Politics of Feeling Good with adrienne maree brown

    Are rest and joy part of your daily regimen? Maybe they should be. Author and activist adrienne maree brown joins us to talk about her new book, Pleasure Activism.

  • All Pleasure, No Guilt with Jasmine Guillory

    It’s episode 69, y’all—and that means we’re getting steamy. Author Jasmine Guillory joins us for a look at the world of romance novels: why they’re important, what people get wrong about them, and what it’s really like to write them for a living.

  • Be Relentless with Talia Schlanger

    Have you heard the groundswell women making waves in music lately? Talia Schlanger has. The public radio powerhouse joins us to talk about the art of interviewing, the importance of uncomfortable conversations, and why “women in music” isn’t a theme—it’s just what normal looks like…on her airwaves, at least.

  • Headshot of R.O Kwon

    Faith, Loss, and Fiction with R.O. Kwon

    What’s it like to spend a decade working on your first novel, become a bestselling author, and still have the first thing people say about you be that you’re “adorable”? We talk with Korean American writer R.O. Kwon to find out.

  • Feeling Seen with Naj Austin

    What does community mean? How do you build one? And why do they matter—particularly for people of color? We chatted with Naj Austin this week to find out. She’s the founder Ethels Club, a new private membership club and workspace created by and for people of color.

  • Reviving Girlhood with Mary Pipher & Sara Pipher Gilliam

    When Mary Pipher first published Reviving Ophelia in 1994, she changed the way America thinks about teenage girls and their needs. Now she’s back with a new 25th anniversary edition of her landmark book—this time, published with her own daughter, Sara Pipher Gilliam.

  • Talk Money, Get Paid

    Talking about money is uncomfortable for lots of people—including us! But way too many of us aren’t getting paid what we deserve, and if we want to change that, then we all need to start speaking up—for ourselves, for each other, and for a more equitable financial future.

  • Management Muscles with Lara Hogan

    Did your first management gig come with a small pay bump and zero training? Ours too! But being good at doing a job doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at […]

  • Becca Gurney headshot

    Know Your Worth with Becca Gurney

    What happens when one woman looks around her field and notices the leaders are mostly men? If that woman is Becca Gurney, she starts her own design studio, and creates a place that chooses to hire women, pay them fairly, and find clients ready to do the same.

  • Friendship First with Miranda Kent & Danielle Weeks

    What if—instead of waiting on the right romantic relationship—two best friends had a baby together? This week we chat with real-life and onscreen best friends Miranda Kent and Danielle Weeks, the creators and costars of a new web series about just that: Baby Love.

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