Introducing: I Love That

Hey listeners! We’re taking a tiny break while we get Season 2 rolling—launching April 17!—but we wanted to make sure you heard about the latest addition to the NYG family: I Love That, our biweekly newsletter of all the stuff we can’t stop thinking about.

Every other Friday, you’ll get:

  • Personal notes and behind-the-scenes pics
  • Links to all the best stuff we read this week
  • Our favorite finds—from work pants that feel like pajamas to shows we love almost as much as Riverdale.
  • Plus, profiles of all the activists, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, moms, candidates, and more who are inspiring us right now

We’ll also answer your questions, share tips and resources, and basically get you hyped. So come on and add a little more fuck yeah to your inbox. Sign up now.

Animated GIF of Molly Shannon performing the I Love It sketch on Saturday Night Live

Welcome to Strong Feelings

The official occasional-ish show for feminists at work. No "leaning in" or fake productivity hacks required. 

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