Welcome to Collective Strength—a community for women and femme or nonbinary-identifying folks!

Join us in Philadelphia for monthly feminist leadership events.

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Why? Because most career advice for women sucks: Be assertive…but not abrasive! Be direct—but don’t forget to smile! Do what you love—no matter how burnt out and sick it makes you! And whatever you do, make sure you lean in (and if it doesn’t work, well, maybe you just weren’t leaning hard enough). Screw all that.

Collective Strength is an in-person community we’ve created based on everything we’ve learned running this podcast, and our own businesses. It’s the ideal space to come together to:

  • Set goals and practice new skills—like how to negotiate, give feedback, or present work  
  • Open up about the hard parts: where we’re stuck, what we’re scared of, and how it feels to pursue our ambitions in a world that often tries to hold us back
  • Build connections that lead to new opportunities and collaborations
  • Share our successes and celebrate each other along the way
  • Eat snacks!

Who’s it for?

This group is designed for women and anyone who identifies as femme or nonbinary. Yep, that means we’re asking men to please stay home for this one. Legally we won’t kick you out (here’s why!), but we ask that you please respect that we’re designing these events for others.

So who comes to Collective Strength? Some people want to break into a new career, nab a big promotion. Others want to find the courage to quit their job and start their own thing. And still others wants to put themselves out there and become an author or a speaker.

Whatever you’re working toward, Collective Strength will help you get there—while always being honest about the barriers we face, like mental health stigma, anti-mom bias, or systemic racism. Because vague “you-go-girl” platitudes don’t serve any of us. But a community that understands what you’re facing—and cheers you on anyway? That has the power to change everything.

Sound good? Then check out the Collective Strength code of conduct—these are the rules for all attendees. Thanks for helping us make these events great for everyone!

Welcome to Strong Feelings

The official occasional-ish show for feminists at work. No "leaning in" or fake productivity hacks required. 

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