Bonus: NYG Live from Vancouver, BC!

Yep, we’ve gone international! Our very first live show was a variety hour featuring Katel & Sara at Vancouver’s Design & Content Conference.

So listen up if you want to hear about peeing in a jumpsuit, emailing with Christina Aguilera’s mom, editing footage of crop dusting in Saskatchewan, and rocking a sweet feminist boob necklace. (Uh, you definitely do.)

Plus, this special treat has not just one but two mini-interviews:

  • Yesenia Perez-Cruz, a design director at Vox Media and not-so-secret Xtina fan who’s long been one of our favorite speakers
  • Tara Codrington, a new presence on stage and a content specialist at the City of Surrey (and now one of our new favorite speakers) with a storied past in “Canadian lifestyle TV”

You’ll also hear live career advice, fuck yeahs from the audience, and a ton more.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this live show possible!

This episode was recorded live on July 26, 2018, at the York Theatre in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

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