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  • Sex Work is Work with Jessica Raven

    Stopping sex trafficking sounds like a great idea—and it is! But often, anti-trafficking laws actually make sex workers more vulnerable. We talk with sex work decriminalization advocate and all-around amazing guest Jessica Raven about the myths and realities of the sex trade, and how all us can better support people working in it.

  • Black Women Told You with Feminista Jones

    “When black women win, everyone wins.” This week, Feminista Jones tells us all about black feminism, social media, activism, and her new book, Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets.

  • Therapeutic Tarot with Jessica Dore

    Self reflection. Emotional care. Therapy. And...tarot? Hell yeah. The woman behind a wildly popular daily tarot reading on Twitter, Jessica Dore, shows us how mysticism and science can meet—and bring us all opportunities for healing and self-discovery.

  • Emotions at Work with Liz Fosslien

    You know we love talking about feelings, and we love talking about work. So when we saw that a new book was hitting stores this month called No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotion at Work, we just knew we had to talk with coauthor Liz Fosslien.

  • Transformative Meetings (No, Really!) with Priya Parker

    No one loves meetings, but we all attend them—probably a lot of them! So why are so many meetings so bad, and how can we make them better…or stop having them in the first place? On today’s show, we talk to author and facilitator Priya Parker about how to make gatherings of all kinds more meaningful, memorable, and inclusive.

  • Forget “Having it All” with Amy Westervelt

    It’s a motherlode of an episode this week! We’re talking all about kids, work, and how the two fit together—or, way too often, don’t. We're joined by Amy Westervelt—a journalist, podcast host, producer, the founder of podcast network Critical Frequency, mom to two kids, and the author of the new book, Forget “Having It All”: How America Messed Up Motherhood—and How to Fix It.

  • Holding Space with Kate Warren

    What do a sex podcast, a photography practice, and hanging out with witches have in common? They’re all part of Kate Warren’s jam-packed schedule. This week, we talk to the DC-based photographer, artist, and podcast host about gender, race, emotional labor, and leaving her 90-hour-a-week job to build her own business.

  • Body Politics with Cora Harrington

    Cora Harrington loves lingerie—and the complex feminist questions surrounding it. On today’s show, the founder of The Lingerie Addict talks about building a business out of a lingerie blog, questioning norms […]

  • That’s Enough with Heather Havrilesky

    Writer and cultural critic Heather Havrilesky joins us for a look at all the ways our culture tells us we’re not “enough”—and what we can do about it in 2019.

  • Trailer: Welcome to Strong Feelings

    Sara and Katel open up about what you'll hear on the new season of Strong Feelings—a weekly dose of intimate realtalk about work, friendship, and feminism with the best friends you didn’t know you were missing. New episodes start on January 10!

  • Katel & Sara Have Strong Feelings

    That’s it: it’s our season finale—and our last episode of No You Go, ever. Really. But don’t worry, we’re not quitting the podcast game. We’re coming back January 10—with a new name that, well, we’re really feelin’: Strong Feelings.

  • New Erotica for Feminists with Brooke Preston, Carrie Wittmer, and Fiona Taylor

    What if Tom Hardy drove up to your house to deliver loads of LaCroix and cash? That’s the premise of just one of the stories in New Erotica for Feminists, a book of “satirical fantasies of love, lust, and equal pay.” And we were lucky enough to talk to its authors!

Welcome to Strong Feelings

Best friends and business partners Katel and Sara let it all out in a weekly show about work, friendship, and feminism. Because life’s too short to bottle things up.
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