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  • Trailer: Welcome to Strong Feelings

    Sara and Katel open up about what you'll hear on the new season of Strong Feelings—a weekly dose of intimate realtalk about work, friendship, and feminism with the best friends you didn’t know you were missing. New episodes start on January 10!

  • Katel & Sara Have Strong Feelings

    That’s it: it’s our season finale—and our last episode of No You Go, ever. Really. But don’t worry, we’re not quitting the podcast game. We’re coming back January 10—with a new name that, well, we’re really feelin’: Strong Feelings.

  • New Erotica for Feminists with Brooke Preston, Carrie Wittmer, and Fiona Taylor

    What if Tom Hardy drove up to your house to deliver loads of LaCroix and cash? That’s the premise of just one of the stories in New Erotica for Feminists, a book of “satirical fantasies of love, lust, and equal pay.” And we were lucky enough to talk to its authors!

  • Headshot of Laura Kalbag

    Unbothered with Laura Kalbag

    Writing a book is hard. Writing a book as a woman in tech is even harder. So what happens when some mansplainer comes along to rain on your well-earned parade? Laura Kalbag tells us about how she found the courage to write, why listening to women reminds her of what’s important, and how she keeps her cool even in the face of jerks.

  • Emily Best headshot

    Radical Filmmaking with Emily Best

    Do you feel like you see yourself and your friendships reflected in most TVs or movies? We sure don’t. Emily Best tells us why we won’t get more diverse representations of women on screen unless we change the way films and shows are funded and distributed—and how she plans to do just that.

  • Headed to Congress with Jenn Taylor-Skinner

    The midterms are over (though the recounts and runoffs may not be). So we make sense of what happened—and what’s next—with Jenn Taylor-Skinner, the host of our fave new feminist political podcast, The Electorette.

  • How to Be Successful with Sarah Cooper

    How do you decide when to take a huge leap in your career? What happens when your therapist thinks leaving your cushy tech job is a terrible idea—but you do it anyway? Googler-turned-comedian Sarah Cooper joins us to talk about writing satire, redefining success, and making men mad along the way.

  • On a Journey to Happiness with Keah Brown

    It’s a rough year after a rough year after…a rough year. Writer, journalist, and #disabledandcute creator Keah Brown reminds us to celebrate our wins and find joy anyway.

  • Pleasure is Virtuous with Sonalee Rashatwar

    Body-positivity sure seems popular right now—but that conversation is often limited to celebrating slightly larger bodies and slightly broader sizing options. Our guest today is Sonalee Rashatwar, a fat, queer, non-binary sex therapist who challenges those ideas—ands helps us understand what real liberation would look like.

  • headshot of Cindy Gallop

    I Make Things Change with Cindy Gallop

    Today’s interview might not be safe for work—but Cindy Gallop thinks it should be. The Make Love Not Porn founder and CEO joins us to talk about why we all need to be a lot better at talking about sex, what it’s like to found and scale a sex tech company, and why working for yourself is the best thing you can do.

  • Getting Personal with Nicole Chung

    What do you share with the world—and what do you hold back? How do you talk about family secrets or childhood trauma with strangers? And what happens when you bring more of your most personal experiences to your work? This week, we chat with author Nicole Chung about her new memoir, All You Can Ever Know, and go deep on the power (and challenges) of getting personal your work.

  • Headshot of Bonnie Bogle

    Business Breakups with Bonnie Bogle

    Breaking up is hard to do—whether you’re ending a business relationship or a marriage. Mapbox cofounder-turned-Brazen Philly director Bonnie Bogle’s done both, and she’s here to tell us about the good, the bad, and the it’s-just-plain-complicated.

Welcome to Strong Feelings

Best friends and business partners Katel and Sara let it all out in a weekly show about work, friendship, and feminism. Because life’s too short to bottle things up.
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